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With a vision to be the best that we can be!






Our new session times are as follows:

A flexible drop off and collection for a  6 hour session between 8.30am-3.30pm


A 7 hour session with 1 hour Wrap Around Care

(£5/day additional payment required for Wrap Around Care)       




In nursery we have lots of opportunities to develop our pencil control which will help us when we come to write.
We like to explore our local environment in all weather! The snow is always extra-special.
We are learning to manage our own risk. We can keep ourselves safe when using the tools.
We love to experiment!
We like to mix up some magnificent recipes in our mud kitchen.
We made our own masks.
We are learning about the SHANARRI indicators.
We explore lots of loose parts to make our own play and learning.
We enjoy lots of different stories both in a big group, or quietly by ourselves in one of our story corners.
We are curious, so we like to explore and experiment.
We like to explore different variations of familiar objects.
We have lots of opportunities to create pictures with a variety of materials.
We are mindful of celebrations, and festivals that are important to us, our families, or people in our community.
We weaved our own tartan for St. Andrew's day.
We chop and serve fruit and vegetables in our home corner play.
We are exploring volume by pouring and filling different containers.
We are good at sharing!
We like to investigate new objects.
We are kind and caring friends.
We are inquisitive!
We have opportunities to try new things.
We continually develop and refine new skills.
We learn to use our bodies in new ways.
We enjoy sharing eating times. We learn lots of independence skills.
We are responsible citizens and recycle our rubbish.
We are kind and caring friends.
We used our singing talents to raise funds for our Christmas activities.
We are proud of our achievements!
We use different tools to create pictures. We can use the same tools to measure.
We record and plan our own learning.
We work together to share what we know and then to plan our learning.
We can see things from different perspectives.
We are creative!
We practice our climbing and balancing skills.
We are careful in our play.
Time for a breather!
We explore objects old and new.
Cosying in to share a story with a friend.
We enjoy a race over the bridge on our way back from visiting our friends at Eadar Glinn Care Home for the Elderly.
There was an old lady who swallowed a fly........

Soroba Young Family Group is a Non-Profit making Organisation.

Registered Charity: SC041375 

Manager:  Mrs. C Maitland      Contact us:   01631 565263

Email:   enquiries@sorobayoungfamilygroup.com

Facebook: www.facebook.co.uk/sorobayoungfamilygroup


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